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Forum Rules
10-07-2009, 01:12 PM
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Forum Rules
As with every forum, there are a few rules that we need members to read. These are in place to make sure all members enjoy their time on the forum, however if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact an administrator or moderator who can clarify things for you.
  • Harassing/flaming/malicious behaviour will not be tolerated - treat others as you would wish to be treated. If you receive a PM (Private Message) that is considered malicious, do not respond to the message and please contact an administrator or moderator immediately.
  • Do not spam or duplicate posts, as these will be moved or deleted. (Spam is considered anything not relevant to the appropriate area in the forum, for example posting "is anyone else from Dorset?" in the 'Online Data' section of the forum.)
  • Please do not "bump" posts - for example, if you have posted a new thread asking if anyone knows how to create a chart in a particular software program, and then after a few hours with no replies, post again to "bump" your thread to the top of the list (as newest posts appear at the top of the page). Please be patient, as I'm sure one of our members will be able to answer your question within a few days. Smile
  • Please do not discuss anything relating to religion, politics, or other topics that can be offensive to members - any topics found will be deleted immediately. However, you may discuss this if it is directly related to your family history.
  • Any threads created for the sole purpose of advertising a commercial website will be removed - however you can mention a website if it is relevant in your post (for example, "I used The Genealogist's Non-Conformist records to help me locate an elusive ancestor!"). This applies to your 'Signature' too (this is the message that is displayed after each post your make), you can post a link to your own website as long as it is not commercial. Any links to commercial websites or sites that are not related to genealogy will be removed by a moderator.
  • Please don't send the administrators or moderators a message with a question about your family history - this is what the forum is for, so you can discuss it with other members.
  • Do not post any details of living people on the forum, including any details that could be linked to anyone that may still be alive.
  • Don't post anything that you don't want people to read - this is a forum, and other members (as well as guests) will read what you write.
  • Do not advertise a look-up service. For example, if you have a book or data CD and you offer to look up something in that book or CD for someone else, this is offering a look-up service. You are encouraged to mention products that have helped you with your research, but include the source so that other members are able to buy the resource themselves.
  • Do not post copyrighted material. This includes (but is not limited to) census pages, pages from books, pages from magazines, images from a directory or data CD, etc. You can, however, post a transcript: for example, if you have come across an entry in the Birth/Marriage/Death index, you cannot post the image but you can mention the entry. (This is the same with the census: the images are copyrighted, but you can post a transcript.)
  • And finally, the most important rule of all: have fun!

Note: If you encounter any technical problems with the forum, please contact an administrator.
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